RachelToussaint Hi, I’m Rachel Toussaint, a Birmingham, UK – based Consultant Solicitor and a human rights advocate.

I  campaign on issues which affect members of the community and are of public interest.  The key campaigns that I am focusing on at present are:

1. Fathers’ Rights - I believe very strongly that children and their fathers have the right to a meaningful relationship.  I promote the need for children to have a quality relationship with both parents following a separation.  I abhor the situation we see in the UK today where, following separation, many children become estranged from a parent (mostly from their fathers) for no legitimate reason other than a mother’s (sorry ladies!) hostility.

I believe that legislation should be put in place to allow the courts to make more common sense decisions when dealing with family disputes.  Often fathers are prevented from seeing their children or having a meaningful relationship based on very suspect evidence from mothers.  This leads to a breakdown of family life which, in turn, has a devastating effect on society.

2. Immigration - I am especially passionate that families should stay together.  I believe it is very much due to the state of the economy in many third world countries that cause families to separate where one or more family member moves to another country to support those left back home.  Whenever, people have the right to live together in the UK as a family unit I will do my utmost to help them achieve this.

I encourage people who have overstayed their visa (“Overstayers”) to take immediate steps to regularise their status.

I understand that a country must have an effective immigration policy to control its border and to control its population.  However, I believe that this should not interfere with the right to family life.  I also believe in the international community and that the UK should actively promote global migration as a real alternative to improve job and career prospects.

I believe that a “rules – based ” immigration policy is best for the country and for potential applicants.  However, I would like to see the government taking a more sophisticated approach to rules around Immigration and Domestic Violence as I believe that this is an area which is open to abuse by dishonest applicants.

3. A Better Deal for the Self-Employed - Small business-owners are often the silent victim in times of austerity.  I believe that the government should have particular policies in place to support small business-owners going through hard times.  There must be a much simpler process for small business-owners seeking to use the benefits system as a safety net when things are going wrong.  This will help them to bounce back much quicker than being embroiled in a long dispute with the Benefits Agency which takes away from them improving their business and moving forward.

4. Political Engagement – I believe that “Politics is Law in Action”.  Dealing with cases that involve human rights I have realised that unless we take an active approach to politics there will be no change regardless of how well we prepare our cases.  I actively encourage people to register to vote and to join political parties to effect change through voting and engaging in political party policy forums.  I especially target the African & Caribbean communities as in the UK they are the least likely to register to vote and the least likely to vote.  However, currently voters’ apathy is being experienced around the country.  You can learn more about my social media campaign by liking my facebook page Community Action Consultancy here.


I created this blog to be a resource for individuals and communities to have ideas on how to solve issues which effect them.   Around this blog and on my social media pages there is tons of high value information which can be used for this purpose.

Why me? As a Solicitor, I will give you easy to understand insights into the area of law that relate to your concerns.  Equally, there are times where the law can’t help and there is a need for a change in government policy – I believe that politics is law and law is politics.

I am British born of Caribbean descent.  I have very strong ties with the African community in the West Midlands through my own family and social life.  As a wife and mother of 4 who has lived and worked abroad I know first-hand the dynamics present in family and community life.  I can easily draw on past experience to deliver practical advice alongside legal solutions.

I can be contacted for advice, networking and speaking engagements – So feel free to call me at Toussaints Solicitors, Birmingham on 0121 523 5050 or

Click here to book your “Immigration status check”.

Click here to book me to speak at your event.

Oh, and be sure to let me know if there are any topics that you’d like to see on my blog!

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