RachelToussaint Hi, I’m Rachel Toussaint, a Consultant Solicitor.  Based in Birmingham’s Jewelery Quarter, I started a legal consultancy to support individuals and small businesses to represent themselves on legal issues.

My passion is empowering people who do not have access to justice to have the ability to prepare their own case in a professional manner.  This will enable them to seek justice or to respond to a case against them. The main areas that I advise in are family, immigration and small business disputes.

With the recent changes to legal aid and even when legal aid was more widely available the fact that many people where not eligible for it, a service like this is crucial.

  • Do you need affordable access to professional legal advice?
  • Are you struggling to represent yourself in a legal dispute?
  • Are you looking to keep your costs down in a court case?
  • Have you been told you do not qualify for legal aid?


Get in touch to book your free telephone consultation and see if our services fits your needs.

Call us on 07895 327 049 of click here to leave a message for a callback.

I will:

  • Sit down with you and all your paperwork
  • Give you a full advice on what it all means
  • Advise on the steps you need to take to bring your matter to a conclusion
  • Advise on how likely you are to succeed.
  • Draft or organise any documents you need to help you progress your case.

You will then be well-informed and equipped to continue to represent yourself and avoid the usual high costs that              legal disputes often bring.


Delay is the enemy of success – so get in touch now!

Let's connect ! Tell me what you think below..

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