RachelToussaint Hi, I’m Rachel Toussaint, a Birmingham, UK – based Consultant Solicitor and a human rights advocate.

I  empower people  not to be afraid to use the law in asserting their rights but at the same time avoiding drawn-out conflicts.  I pride myself in not just ticking the box but thinking outside the box.  While others are sleeping I’m awake thinking of solutions for issues that my clients are facing (really!)

I have a particular interest in human rights immigration, fathers’ rights and community issues.

In particular, I earnestly promote the need for children to have a quality relationship with both parents following a separation.  I abhor the situation we see in the UK today where, following separation, many children become estranged from a parent (mostly from their fathers) for no legitimate reason other than a mother’s (sorry ladies!) hostility.

With immigration, I am especially passionate that families should stay together.  I believe it is very much due to the state of the economy in many third world countries that cause families to separate where one or more family member moves to another country to support those left back home.  Whenever, people have the right to live together in the UK as a family unit I will do my utmost to help them achieve this.

I believe that politics is law in action so I promote and encourage members of the community to participate in political activity especially voting and to take up their civic duty such as becoming school governors and prison monitors.

I created this blog to be a resource for individual and communities to have ideas on how to solve issues which effect them.   Around this blog and on my social media pages there is tons of high value information which can be used for this purpose. 

Why me? As a Solicitor, I will give you easy to understand insights into the area of law that relate to your concerns.  Equally, there are times where the law can’t help and there is a need for a change in government policy – I believe that politics is law and law is politics.

I am British born of Caribbean descent.  I have very strong ties with the African community in the West Midlands through my own family and social life.  As a wife and mother of 4 who has lived and worked abroad I know first-hand the dynamics present in family and community life.  I can easily draw on past experience to deliver practical advice alongside legal solutions.

I can be contacted for advice, networking and speaking engagements – So feel free to call me at Toussaints Solicitors, Birmingham on 0121 523 5050 or

Click here to book your “Immigration status check”.

Click here to book me to speak at your event.

Oh, and be sure to let me know if there are any topics that you’d like to see on my blog!

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