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RachelToussaintHi, I’m Rachel Toussaint, a Consultant Solicitor based in Birmingham’s Jewelery Quarter.  I advise people on human rights issues in Immigration and Children disputes.

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In Immigration, I advise people who wish to stay in the UK because they have established a family life here or because they have lived here for a long time and have lost all ties with their country of origin.  I deal with fresh applications within the UK, entry clearance for people still abroad, article 8 human rights, appeals, bail applications, deportations and any Immigration issues that involve the right to family life & / or private life.  I have particular expertise in assisting “Overstayers” to regularise their immigration status so that they can legally stay in the UK.  Equally, if you do not have grounds to be in the UK then I will discuss your options with you.

My other specialism is children disputes following a relationship breakdown of the parents.  I think it is important that we see children disputes as a human rights issue as I believe that any interference with family life is potentially a disproportionate breach of an individual’s human right to family life.  A legal term which means that the starting point is that we all have a right to enjoy having a family.

I am a passionate advocate of Shared Parenting and strongly believe that once a relationship breaks down the children should be allowed and encouraged to have a meaningful relationship with both parents & extended family members. There are very few cases where I think a child should be prevented from seeing their parent. As a busy mother of 4 I know that parents are not perfect – we make many mistakes. Nobody hands out a manual on childcare & parenting and therefore it can be very difficult to know exactly what you are supposed to do and say as a parent. Red confused manOften when your parenting or relationship skills come under the microscope during children court proceedings you can appear to be the worse person in the world. It can be really demoralising to have the court, your ex-partner and their solicitor all highlighting your bad points.  You will really need to dig deep and deal with the issues raised against you one by one.  It can feel even worse if you can’t afford legal representation and you are at court all by yourself.

I also offer a customised service for parents representing themselves at court.  I will guide you through the process before, during and after the court proceedings bearing in mind how you can achieve the best results at the lowest costs.  I believe in access to justice for all especially when it comes to a child’s right to see their parent and extended family members.

In order to acheive the best from children act proceedings people should understand their case and the law fully so that they are able to make an informed decision.  I believe in families staying together; But I don’t believe in endangering the welfare of children at any costs. –  If I believe you need to develop better parenting skills as a parent before starting or continuing with proceedings, I will tell you – and help you find appropriate services.

silhoutte family

In a climate where Shared Parenting is becoming a national issue  we all need to know how our lives can be affected if our relationship breaks down – especially if you are the father.  Fathers often find their human rights affected if a relationship breaks down with the child’s mother.  Often, even if the matter goes to court, there are long drawn out proceedings which still don’t see any meaningful results in the form of effective court Orders or enforcement by the court.

So if you need advise on an Immigration issue or in children proceedings and you need professional advice to move your case forward, then get in touch.

 I will:

  • Sit down with you to discuss your case.
  • Give you a full advice on what the law says.
  • Advise on the steps you need to take next.
  • Advise on how likely you are to succeed.
  • Draft or organise any documents you need to help you progress your case.

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3 Responses to Do you really have a case? Call 0121 448 9255 for a free initial consultation…

  1. Stephen Babasanya says:

    Weldone Rachel with this your exciting and refreshing information as regards to family breakdown and the overwhelming impact on the children. It has never been recorgnized that Fathers are not always to blame but always to come out worse.
    It is has always been a biased outcome of procedings against the father being deprived of seing their children.
    Our Society should recorgnize the role of a father in a child’s upbringing and Social Service is not the best of friends to a child.
    Give the fathers a chance and our society will benefit from the ‘culture of discipline’ Children from broken homes or raised only by the mothers are more likely to end up in a broken relationship, because that is their only life experience and they see it as an acceptable practise.

    • Rachel Toussaint says:

      Thank you! Stephen. Hopefully by battling these issues together we will bring about real change.

      • Stephen Babasanya says:

        Yes sure Rachel, there is no other way foreard than tackling headway. There has been very little or rather no interest in the impact of family breakdown on the father and the children.
        All had been centred and focused solely on the mother and the children whereas it takes two to tango. Let us belief now that fathers have feelings and they are humain.

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