Ten Top Tips to Avoid Overstaying

visa stampsWe often come across people who are still in the UK even though they do not have permission from the immigration authorities to be here.  This is a very serious breach of UK law.  On a personal level, it is not ideal as many years are wasted staying in a country where you have no rights to actively engage in society or to reach your full potential. Below we have set out ten easy to read tips that will keep you on the right track or get you back on if you’ve strayed. So: 1.     Make sure that the reason you give for entry into the UK truly represents your future plans. 2.     Ensure that you keep enough money aside to pay the UKBA application fee in case you have to stay longer in the UK. 3.     Make sure your application is prepared correctly so it is not returned.  You will not be covered whilst you correct an error if your visa has already run out. 4.     Do not get so overwhelmed that you simply let your visa expire whilst you are still in the UK. Get good advice before it runs out – even if your case seems hopeless. 5.     If the reason you are in the UK changes from the category of visa that you have, apply to change your visa to avoid overstaying &  prejudicing any future  application. 6.     Ensure that your application is sent Special Delivery to the UKBA to arrive before or on the date that your visa expires.  Beware of weekends or holidays when their offices will be closed. 7.     If you have to appeal beware of very strict time limits to lodge your appeal so as not to jeopardise your lawful stay in the UK. 8.     If you have already overstayed, get good advice about regularising your status if you wish to remain in the UK. 9.     If you plan to leave the UK and your visa has already expired, leave as soon as possible and get good advice about assistance to help with your leaving plans. 10. Remember if tempted to overstay, you could be met with detention, forced removal and a lengthy ban on making future applications to come back to the UK – So get good advice beforehand.


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