Schools back – Children disputes

back-to-schoolWith the return of the new academic year many children will start school with parents who are still at loggerheads over a recent separation.

At this time it is so important for the parents to commit to working together so that the child’s school year starts smoothly.  However, this won’t always be possible and for the non-resident parent it can be so difficult to exercise your parental rights.

Here are 5 tips that you may find useful in ensuring that you are fully engaged in your child’s education.

1) Your child’s school should always be told if there is some upheaval in the child’s family life.  Try to have a discreet word with your child’s teacher about the change in circumstances.

2) Check whether you have parental responsibility for your child.  If you do, provide evidence of this to the headteacher and ask that all teachers who come into contact with your child are aware that you have parental responsibility.  If not then seek legal advice on how to get parental responsibility.

3) Make sure that the school has your up to date contact details.  Many schools use  a text messaging service.  Ask if your child’s school uses this and make sure they have your mobile number – this way letters to you won’t get “lost in the post”.

4) Continue (or start!) to help your child with homework and extra curricular activities.  Many children often complain of boredom when visiting the non-resident parent.  Try to make your child’s life carry on as usual even when they are with you.  Remember, when your child is with you, you need to be mum and dad.

and finally..

5) Be empowered …Have confidence in your new role as a single parent.  Children often sense when parents are unsure (I know mine can).  Let your child know (or belief) that you are in control and you know exactly how to be mum and dad – at the same time.

Good Luck!


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Rachel Toussaint is a Consultant Solicitor at Rogols Consultancy, Birmingham UK.  She is a human rights advocate especially as it relates to immigration, family law & civic duty.  She is also a consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In her blog she shares legal tips to empower clients to quickly and effectively resolve their legal disputes.


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