Red confused manWe’ve heard a lot of rhetoric from the main political parties in the UK about curbing immigration from outside the EU. There is talk of a crack-down on illegal immigration – commonly known as “Overstaying”.
What then are the options for people in this dilemma?
Firstly, there are funds and practical assistance available for those who have overstayed their permission to be here but who wish to return to their country of origin voluntarily.
However, many people may not be in a position to take up this option due to their personal circumstances and they may well have a human rights claim to be here. Despite the climate in the UK the government must fulfil its human rights obligations when making immigration decisions.
In this regard, the government has set out certain situations whereby it is more likely to grant someone permission to remain in the UK based on their private or family life. Such as if a person has a British or European child who lives in the UK; if the child is not British or European but has lived here for at least seven years; if the person is married to a British or European citizen or in a significant relationship with such a person. Single people who have no children, may be able to get permission to stay depending on the length of time spent here.
So we can see there are options available for those wishing to be proactive in regularising their immigration status.
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  1. erajfa says:

    Am a firm beleaver in Equal rights and justice for all! there is certain rights for Eu people., but none for the carribbean people! Because we have nothing to offer the uk. There no sore side bombing in the carribbean so that to say we are not in danger! ! Who can put a price on people life!? A life is a life and a struggle for a better life shd be considered by law! There’s a lot of people fare going bk to the carribbean because of reason! And for whatever reason it maybe it should be considered by law, and not what they can benefit from it! I believe in ERAJFA!