Register to Vote

voting speakerA lot of what I do involves encouraging people to register to vote and to turn up at election time and vote.  It is so important to appreciate and exercise the most basic citizenship right of voting.  Register to vote here.

I am particularly concerned that research shows that migrant communities – whether new or established are the least likely to register to vote.

Politicians (as elected representatives) have less incentive to address the concerns of people who are less likely to vote or to otherwise engage in the political process.  This is arguably a reason why political parties try to take a “tough on immigration” approach when trying to attract voters during election time.

Direction signThere are many people who would love to vote and engage in society but just don’t know how to go about it.  People who want to get involved to effect real and meaningful change in their communities.  Once you have checked if you are eligible to vote you can register to vote here.

Check if you are eligible to vote here.


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